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Sights of religious heritage

Church of St. Anthony with a Calvary

On the Rožni hrib above the centre of Idrija, there rises a well-conceptualized, dominant urbanistic structure in the form of the church of St. Anthony of Padua, which is complemented by an excellent scenic representation of the Calvary on the hillock above the church. 


The Gallery and Crypt under the Mestni trg Square

The crypt is the only piece remaining of the church of St. Barbara that once stood above it. It was built mainly with the money donated by miners, who wanted their patron saint, after whom the temple was named, to be watching over their safety in the pit and above ground.


The Church of sv. Trojica (Holy Trinity)

Holy Trinity, the oldest church in Idrija, is situated on the spot where, according to tradition, a legendary ‘tub maker’ first noticed the native mercury in 1490.


Church of sv. Jakob (St. Jacob)

The Ledine village patron is St. Jacob (July 25th), so the villagers solemnly celebrate Jacob’s Sunday every year. The church of St. Jacob was officially mentioned already in 1540, yet it was given its present-day form after construction work in 1666. 


The parish church of sv. Urh (St. Ulrich)

Four over 200-year-old chapels are linked with this church; during the procession of the Holy Corpus Christi extracts from the works of four evangelists are read in front of them.


Church of Marija Magdalena (Mary Magdalene)

The church is located on the grounds of the original smaller church from the 14th or 15th centuries, which was the first church in the area of the mining town Idrija.


Church of sv. Florijan (St. Florian)

In Idrijske Krnice, St. Florian (May 4th) has been completely “naturalized” as its popular patron and guardian. That is why the villagers rearranged the former Italian military warehouse into the saint’s chapel many years ago.


Church of Žalostna Mati Božja (the Sad Mother of God)

The church was built before World War II.


Parish church of sv. Jožef (St. Joseph)

The original parish church of St. Barbara on the main square was damaged during a bombing at the end of World War II. The town authorities had it demolished in 1951.


Church of sv. Jošt (St. Judoc)

The church of sv. Jošt (St. Judoc) is the principal cultural and historical monument in Črni Vrh nad Idrijo. Throughout the centuries, this building has been subjected to many reconstructions and refurbishments, and for this reason it has preserved elements of various architectural styles.


The Parish Church of Devica Marija Vnebovzeta (Our Lady of Assumption)

Traditional legend recounts the miraculous apparition of the Virgin Mary on Skalca above the Idrijca river, where later the first chapel was built. The first reference to the small church was recorded in the 12th century, the year 1156 seems to be the most likely. The present-day parish church of ...


Church of sv. Jožef (St. Joseph) in Vojsko

The central cultural and historical monument in Vojsko is the parish church of sv. Jožef (St. Joseph) from 1669, which had for a long time been a subsidiary of Spodnja Idrija. The village was granted its own priest as late as 1750, and it became an independent parish in 1807.


Church of St. Urban

The church was first mentioned in 1526, and it was rebuilt to its present-day form in 1765. On the left side of the nave there is a marble plaque built in, with all the most important dates for the church and the parish. 



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