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Tuesday, 18. December 2018
In 2017, the Idrija Youth Centre took over the organizational responsibilities for the Festival of Idrija Žlikrofi, a traditional event that has been promoting not only Idrija's cuisine but also certified producers of Idrija žlikrofi and providers of local products for many years. A new beginning meant a completely different format of the holiday itself. Priority was given to flavours, so portions were reduced to tasting sizes. Due to the anticipated larger quantities of waste, the organizers decided to replace the plastic accessories with much better-looking biodegradable ones, thus improving the overall image of the festival.

This vision was also pursued and continued in 2018, when the festival was organized with an even more pronounced ecological message and greater respect for the environment. Together with Ecologists Without Borders, the organizer decided to rent plastic glasses that are washed and returned after use. This increases the amount of plastic that is then available to be recycled, resulting in a significantly lower environmental footprint. The key is informing the public!

With Komunala Idrija, a municipal undertaking, which became the general sponsor of the event, an agreement was reached in 2018 on logistical support for the organization of the festival in the future. With their help, the organizer sensibly placed separating islands throughout the festival space, and engaged with volunteers who helped visitors with proper waste disposal, thus making their culinary experience environmentally-friendly and responsible.

In addition to the afore-mentioned novelties, the connection between Idrija žlikrofi and the Alpine space was presented at the 2018 Festival of Idrija Žlikrofi. For this purpose, a special corner was set up at the event called the Alpine Island, presenting the "cousins" of Idrija žlikrofi. Namely, the organizer wanted to point out that the dishes in the wider area of Idrija, as in the rest of the Alpine region, were almost exclusively made from local ingredients and in accordance with sustainable development.

The idea was financially supported by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, and included in the Alpine Convention, which combines the Alpine states under a special international treaty. Visitors could see an ad hoc exhibition titled From Seed to Plate, where a sustainable aspect of the festival was presented. This is in line with the thinking of our ancestors who have tried to reuse or find a different way to approach "waste". At the Alpine island stands, visitors could taste kvočevi nudlni from the Slovenian Koroško region, Bovec krafi, and traditional dishes from the Italian Tolmezzo. Although the Idrija žlikrofi were to the forefront, other Alpine dishes which are not so widely known in Slovenia could be tasted too.

Workshops on the re-use of products and culinary workshops for adults on the preparation of dishes from local ingredients were also organized at the festival. A variety of infographics could be seen at the festival's site, which highlighted the importance of recycling and sustainable development. The organizers' main goal was to alert visitors about the importance of safeguarding the Alpine environment so that it would remain clean and preserved for generations to come.

Although the organization of this year's festival was severely hampered by the bad weather, the festival took place at a covered site, in accordance with the principles and the vision of an ecologically responsible festival. This principle will undoubtedly be upheld by the organizers and continuously developed in the coming years!

Learn more about the Idrija Žlikrofi Festival at:


TIC Idrija, Mestni trg 2

+386 (0)5 37 43 916

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15 / 29 °C
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