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Lace School Idrija was established in 1876 following the decree of the then imperial royal authority in Vienna and has since then operated continuously. In 1976 it became part of the Jurij Vega Grammar School.

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Lace School Idrija

ČŠI-foto Dunja Wedam_vir STO_arhiv Občina Idrija.jpg
to je testno sporočilo, da vidimo kako dela
  • Address: Prelovčeva 2, 5280 Idrija
  • Contact info available at: Čipkarska šola Idrija
  • Phone: +386 (0)5 373 45 70
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
  • Distance from the TIC office: 119 m, a 1-min walk
  • How to get there:
    Follow the main street through the centre of Idrija, past the bus station and then straight on past the Mestni trg Square. On the right side, with a small park in front, you can see the Lace School building with the year 1876 above the entrance gate.
  • Accessible by: car, bus, motorbike, bycicle, on foot
  • Entrance fee:
    yes, for the ‘See what we can do!’ exhibition of Idrija Lace School pupils
  • Suggested time to visit: all year long
  • Suggested length of visit: at least 30 min
  • Accessibility for the disabled: yes, at the back side of the building
  • Important information:
    Group visits possible at any time, booking in advance obligatory
  • Guests: groups, individuals, families
  • Parking area: yes
  • GEO:46.001042000000 / 14.020669937134

Lace School Idrija was established in 1876 following the decree of the then imperial royal authority in Vienna and has since then operated continuously. In 1976 it became part of the Jurij Vega Grammar School.

Like in the past Lace School Idrija still continuously works on the preservation, transferring and developing the lace making knowledge. Since 2012 it has also offered lacemaking equipment and materials for sale again. In the recent years about 400 children and youngsters and over 200 adults attend the educational programmes of Idrija Lace School every year. Also appealing and very well visited, by locals and foreign guests, are the annual exhibitions of lace, made by Lace School pupils. 

The main field of activity for Lace School Idrija is their lacemaking education programme. Its main share goes to the programme for school children and youngsters. This programme is attended by pupils aged 6-18 years and is carried out in Idrija as well as in the nearby towns and villages Spodnja Idrija, Cerkno, Ledine, Godovič, Črni Vrh, Podkraj, Vipava and Col. All these young lace makers are capable of making real lace masterpieces that you can only see in Lace School Idrija where they are exhibited for one year after they have been made.

For adults 30-lesson courses basing on various themes or techniques are offered. Very popular among our students are also daily lacemaking workshops, for instance the Easter, the New Year workshops and the one offered in the Idrija Lace Festival programme. In 2005 a 70-lesson programme called Lace School for adults was offered. Every year we also carry out a training programme for teachers of lacemaking with domestic and international professionals from the fields of making bobbin lace and drawing lace patterns.

Introducing lace in fashion designs is one of the prosperous opportunities for Idrija Lace to be developed and used to show its proper value. The best results can only occur from a close cooperation among the fashion designer, the person who designs the lace pattern, the person who draws the pattern and the lace maker.

Lace School Idrija is proud to have designed unique patterns and lace for many a Slovenian fashion designer we have worked with so far. Mojca Celin, Borut Šulin, Maja Štamol Drolc, Damjana Bitežnik Logar, Barbara Plavec Brodnjak, Stanka Blatnik Blagotinšek, Alenka Stopar, the shoe designer Alja Novak and the company Mura – Evropska hiša mode d.o.o. are some to be named.

We also maintain a successful cooperation with designers/artists who don’t deal with textile. We have so far worked with the multimedia artist Eva Petrič and the furniture factory ILES Spodnja Idrija where lace motifs are applied on pieces of furniture.
Lace School Idrija is registered to assess and confirm the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) programme – lace maker. Every year we have at least three successful candidates to obtain the certificate.

The school also has a comprehensive library with technical literature that is regularly upgraded with new Slovenian and foreign publications about lacemaking. 
High quality lace and different products including lace can be bought in the small shop the school has, together with our own publications. All lace sold here have the Idrija Lace geographical denomination sign ''Rokodelstvo Art&Craft Slovenija''. 

Internationally our professional cooperation bases on participation in different events throughout the European lacemaking centres, participation in international project co-financed by the EU and attending World OIDFA Lace Congresses.

A unique opportunity for everyone in Slovenia who deals with lace in any way will be the 17th World OIDFA Lace Congress what will take place in Ljubljana in June 2016.

Use the opportunity and get to know the extent of lacemaking knowledge around you!

Photo galery


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Scopoli’s house

It is an important mine building dating from the 18th century. 


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TIC Idrija, Mestni trg 2

+386 (0)5 37 43 916

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