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Experience the pristine nature around numerous remains of the mining past of the region of Idrija. The park is a real source of energy for the entire family.

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Zgornja Idrijca Landscape Park

Zgornja Idrijca Landscape Park

krajinski park zgornja idrijca-foto S. Trebižan.jpg
to je testno sporočilo, da vidimo kako dela
  • Contact info available at: TIC Idrija, Mestni trg 2, 5280 Idrija
  • Phone: +386 (0)5 374 39 16
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
  • Distance from the TIC office:
    3,3 km, a 10-minute drive (till Divje jezero), a 40-minute walk
  • How to get there:
    On the road from Idrija towards Ljubljana, about 2 km out of the centre, take the road for Bela (turn right). This road will bring you straight into the landscape park.
  • Accessible by: car, bus, motorbike, bicycle, on foot
  • Suggested time to visit: all year long
  • Suggested length of visit: at least an hour
  • Accessibility for the disabled: yes
  • Important information:
    cosy (sports or hiking) shoes or clothing suggested
  • Guests: groups, individuals, families, pets
  • Parking area: yes
  • GEO:45.982300000000 / 14.028300285339

Experience the pristine nature around numerous remains of the mining past of the region of Idrija. The park is a real source of energy for the entire family.

The confluence of the Idrijca and Belca rivers has granted a fabulous location for the natural bathing/swimming site Lajšt  whereas the surrounding forests offer shelter to a great many animal species. The Divje jezero lake our greatest karst spring provides living conditions for the proteus (also known as human fish). The waters from the lake enter the nearby Idrijca in the form of the Jezernica river which is the shortest Slovenian river (flowing on the surface). 

Along the 'rake' water channel you can take a stroll or jog along the Trail of Idrija’s Natural Scientists from Idrija to the lake Divje jezero. At the entrance onto this picturesque and constantly vibrant path we suggest you to take the time to admire Scopoli’s Memorial Garden that features real natural treasures, discovered and described by numerous famous natural scientists and botanists.

Idrija and its close vicinity are also a great starting point to research rocks and other geological phenomena in the region. The entire area has been included in the territory of Geopark Idrija  which is, for its extraordinary natural heritage, among the most interesting parks of its kind in Europe.

The main tourist attractions of the landscape park are the Divje jezero lake, 'kamšt'  the wooden water wheel and 'klavže'  the water barriers, also known as the Slovenian pyramids. Zgornja Idrijca Landscape Park was established by the Idrija Municipality in 1992 and has appropriately protected its natural environment ever since. 

The park covers 4,230 hectares of diverse landscape, whereas no less than 4,105 hectares are forests, healthy, rich and well taken care of. The park covers the area of the upper Idrijca stream from Idrija up to the river spring located under the village Mrzla Rupa (840 m above sea level) at the margin of the plateau of Vojsko. The valley of the creek Belca, the margin areas of the plateau of Vojsko and the Trnovski gozd forest are also included in the park territory. 

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TIC Idrija, Mestni trg 2

+386 (0)5 37 43 916

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