In the footsteps
of Idrija miners

From the Times of Mercury to Today

See the heritage of Idrija and enter the mysterious underground of mining life.

World Heritage

Visit the most prominent sights of the mercury heritage.

Idrija Lace Package

Discover Idrija lace through time and try your hand at intertwining the threads, wound on bobbins, yourself.

UNESCO mercury story

Let yourselves be charmed by the half-a-millennium-long history of Idrija mercury!

SidroEver since in 1490 the tub maker soaking his tub in a creek and found droplets of unusually heavy and unfamiliar shining matter, life in Idrija revolved around one thing only: mercury.

Idrija lace

Be amazed at the delicately interwoven threads of the hand-made Idrija lace!

Idrija has always been recognized as an important centre of lacemaking knowledge that spread the craft of designing and making lace art into the world.

NEW! Idrija UNESCO Global Geopark Visitor Centre

Within the Danube Geo Tour project the Idrija Tourist Institute has opened the new Visitor Centre for all Idrija UNESCO Global Geopark visitors with the exhibition "Written in Rocks".

Idrija žlikrofi and cuisine

Enter the world of fine tastes!

Idrija cuisine is famous for gathering chosen, quality, and locally accessible ingredients to produce invaluable culinary pearls.

UNESCO global Geopark Idrija

Astonishing natural beauty waits to be discovered!

UNESCO Global Geopark Idrija extends on almost 300 km2 and encompasses some of the most recognizable monuments of natural and cultural heritage of Idrija region.

The collective trademark


The collective trademark Idrija Selected has been created with the aim to connect local providers and to showcase a wide selection of Idrija’s products and services.

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