From the Times of Mercury to Today

See the heritage of Idrija and enter the mysterious underground of mining life.
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Mercury Mine: Anthony’s Shaft and Hg Smeltery

Following the footsteps of Idrija miners, you will stroll through the second largest mercury mine in the world and see displays of mining methods from different periods since the 16th century; in the smeltery, you will view the smelting process where ore turns into mercury droplets, and learn about the importance of mercury for Idrija and the whole world.

Gewerkenegg Mining Castle

The former mining castle displays the rich history of the Idrija mine and city of Idrija from its beginnings in 1490 until today through various exhibits. You will learn about the development of Idrija and its surrounding region through different periods of time as well as about the heritage of the locality with an emphasis on the bobbin lace of Idrija.

Geopark Visitor Center - Exhibition "Written in rocks"

The main thread of the exhibition is the impact of the Earth's forces on the genesis of the region of Idrija and the creation of life. It presents various themes and encourages visitors to explore the surrounding countryside and admire the natural and cultural sights and visit more than just the main attractions in the town itself.


PRICE CHILDREN: 15,00 EUR (< 15 years)

Combined ticket to visit the Mercury Mine and Anthony’s Shaft, the Hg Smeltery, Geopark Visitor Centre and the Gewerkenegg mining castle.


Children (up to 15 years) / 15 € Adults / 28 € Total
From the Times of Mercury to Today Children (up to 15 years) / 15 €
Adults / 28 €
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Validity and Activation

With the combined ticket you can visit these attractions on your own schedule. The ticket can be activated within 1 month of purchase. The validity period of 72 hours starts after activation. The validity period starts with the first use of the ticket, i.e. when you visit the first of the attractions. Once the validity period (72 hours) has passed, the ticket cannot be used any more, even if you have not visited all of the attractions.


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