Idrija Lace Package

Discover Idrija lace through time and try your hand at intertwining the threads, wound on bobbins, yourself.
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Idrija Municipal Museum

Tour the exhibition about the art of making Idrija lace and about the people who make it, the bobbin lace makers. Discover lace-decorated textiles and the oldest, most beautiful, and biggest pieces of lace, among them the famous “Jovanka's tablecloth”. The exhibition will guide you through the 300 years of Idrija lace history.

Lace School Idrija

Visit the school which has provided training in bobbin technique of Idrija lace making since 1876 and learn the basics of this skill which the school staff, who also care for the preservation and development of this Idrija art, will teach you.

Idrija Lace

Idrija lace is made by twirling and crossing threads, wound on bobbins—specially formed wooden sticks. The people of Idrija are preserving the making of Idrija lace, one of the most complicated manual crafts, with a tradition of several hundred years. Lace making in Slovenia is also listed in the UNESCO Representative list of Intangible Cultural Heritage which gives the delicate lace additional value.


PRICE CHILDREN: 64,00 EUR (< 15 years)

A visit to the exhibition “Idrija lace, a history written in thread” at Idrija Municipal Museum, 90‑minute “Introduction to -making Idrija lace” workshop in Lace School Idrija, a demonstration of bobbin lace making and a visit to the lace exhibition “Look what I can do!”.


Children (up to 15 years) / 64 € Adults / 67 € Total
Idrija Lace Package Children (up to 15 years) / 64 €
Adults / 67 €
Total 0
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Validity and Activation

With the combined ticket you can visit these exhibitions and take part in a bobbin lace workshop. The ticket can be activated within 1 month of purchase. The validity period of 72 hours starts after activation. The validity period starts with the first use of the ticket, i.e. when you visit the first of the attractions or activities. Once the validity period (72 hours) has passed, the ticket cannot be used any more, even if you have not visited all of the attractions.


The exhibitions can be visited during opening hours. The bobbin lace workshop requires prior notification via at least one business day before the workshop date. The workshop is held on Mondays and Fridays at 9 o’clock (except on the Monday of the Idrija Lace Festival or on Mondays or Fridays that fall on a national holiday).

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