Three UNESCO titles place Idrija among the very “capitals” of UNESCO heritage, and we call it a UNESCO heritage pearl. Find out why.

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Package description

Explore the UNESCO Heritage of Mercury, the UNESCO intangible heritage of bobbin lacemaking and the UNESCO natural heritage, and discover the fascinating exhibitions that will give you a glimpse into what can be hidden in an area as small as the Idrija region.

Time frame: 2 to 3 days


PRICE CHILDREN: 23,00 EUR (< 15 years)


TIP: Trip to The Upper Idrijca Landscape Park with a visit to the Wild Lake and the majestic Klavže water dams.

Package includes

  • Visit to the exhibition at the Hg Smelting Plant
  • Visit of the mercury mine with Anthony’s Main Road
  • Visit to the exhibition at the Gewerkenegg Castle
  • Tour of Miner’s House (with guide)
  • Tour of Francis’ Shaft (with guide)
  • Tour of Kamšt (wooden water wheel) (with guide)
  • Visit to the exhibition Written in Rocks at the Geopark Idrija Visitor Centre


Children (up to 15 years) / 23 € Adults / 39 € Total
EXPLORE UNESCO World Heritage Children (up to 15 years) / 23 €
Adults / 0 €
Total 0
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Validity and activation

You can activate your ticket within one month of purchase. You activate your ticket

by using it for the first time, i.e. visiting one of the included sights or

activities. Once activated, the ticket is valid for 72 hours.

When the period of validity (72 hours) is over, the ticked will have expired

although not every sight has been visited.

You can visit the exhibitions during their opening hours. Please follow the links

to find the opening hours:




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