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EXPLORE the history of World War II

Two buildings, built in exceptional secret locations during World War II, are an excellent starting point for discovering the unspoilt nature of the Cerkno and Idrija regions and for learning more about life during wartime.

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Package description

Visit the hard-to-reach Pasice Gorge in Dolenji Novaki near Cerkno and discover the story of the origins and mission of the Franja Partisan Hospital. Learn about the rich past of Cerkno at the interesting exhibitions in the Cerkno Museum and then head to Vojsko – the highest village in Primorsko – where the Slovenia Partisan Printing House, with its still-operating electric-powered printing press, lies in a hard-to-reach ravine in Studenci.

Time frame: 1 to 2 days


PRICE CHILDREN: 12,00 EUR (< 15 years)


TIP: Walk to Hudournik vantage point with a visit to the Vojščica burial site; Vojsko Plateau; visit the Upper Idrijca Landscape Park; visit the Pavla hospital memorial in Hudo polje. 

Photos: Idrija Municipal Museum and Idrija Tourism Board

Package includes

  • Tour of the Partisan Printing Shop in Vojsko
  • Tour of the Franja Partisan Hospital
  • Visit to the Cerkno Museum and a tour of the permanent exhibits (Cerkno Region Through the Centuries and Pust is to Blame! – A Story about the Cerkno Laufarija)


/ 12 € / 16 € Total
EXPLORE the history of World War II Children (up to 15 years) / 12 €
Adults / 0 €
Total 0

Validity and activation

You can activate your ticket within one month of purchase. You activate your ticket by using it for the first time, i.e. visiting one of the included sights or activities. Once activated, the ticket is valid for 72 hours.

When the period of validity (72 hours) is over, the ticked will have expired although not every sight has been visited.

You can visit the exhibitions during their opening hours. Please follow the links to find the opening hours:

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