Stay home - make lace

02. Apr. 2020 / 10:33

Since the announcement of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus COVID-19, the attention has turned to daily monitoring of the virus's prevalence, changes in ordinances, laws and bans, which makes us all restless. There is also a lack of cultural component. Physical contacts during pandemic can endanger our health.
However, we humans are social beings, we need connections, we need culture. We want to show that despite everything we can take a step forward. Towards connections, communication and culture.

During this emergency situation, we invite all lacemakers, designers of lace patterns, as well as creators of graphic representations of lace to create products themed "Corona lace" to express feelings in times of isolation.

Size, colour and lacemaking technique are left to your choice. Lacemaking patterns can be re-drawn and templates can be used or customized.

The purpose of this initiative is to send a positive signal to all places where lace originates. In the past, lace has already "saved" family communities, and today interlacing of threads has this opportunity again.

We invite you to virtually connect and introduce yourself with lace. During the pandemic, your products will be regularly posted online and on the internet site, and in the future, we will prepare an exhibition.

We are sending you this invitation from Idrija, home to bobbin lacemaking heritage.
Let’s express the feelings of beautiful and difficult moments of life through lace.

Send the product – a lace or papirc (pattern template drawn on paper) – with your information as a photo to the email or physically to the address Idrija Tourism Board, Mestni trg 2, 5280 Idrija, Slovenia. 

We will publish the photos in a virtual exhibition and all received laces will be exhibited at the Idrija Lace Festival. Add your information and title of the lace to the product or photo of the appropriate resolution you will send.