Idrija is a pearl of UNESCO heritage, with no less than three UNESCO designations. Together with Almadén (Spain), the heritage of mercury in Idrija is renowned throughout the globe and inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List as part of humanity's cultural heritage. Because of its extraordinary geological and natural characteristics, the entire area of the Municipality of Idrija is included in the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network. Lacemaking in Idrija – together with lacemaking in Slovenia – has been inscribed in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Idrija lies 56 km west of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. You can reach Idrija by car or by bus. When taking the train from the directions of Ljubljana, Postojna, or Koper, you need to stop at Logatec and continue towards Idrija by bus. Taking the bus is a good choice since Idrija has good bus connections with Ljubljana and Tolmin. From the directions of Ljubljana or the Slovene coast, you can reach Idrija by car by taking the A1 highway and leaving the highway at Logatec, then following the roadsigns to Logatec and continuing through Hotedršica and Godovič to Idrija. From Nova Gorica, you can reach Idrija by taking the road to Ajdovščina or Tolmin. From the Soča Valley (Posočje), you can reach Idrija by taking the Tolmin–Idrija road. From Škofja Loka, take the road toward Žiri and continue toward Idrija.


The culinary repertoire of Idrija is a story of simple, locally sourced and quality ingredients forming delicious gastronomical experiences. The greatest among them are the Idrija žlikrofi, found in every restaurant in Idrija. The unique gastronomical profile of Idrija is further complemented by smukavc (a delicious cabbage soup), Fara štruklji (ricotta rolls), ocvirkovca (bread roll with cracklings and herbs), and zeljševka (bread roll with herbs). In 2020 and 2022, two restaurants in Idrija were awarded Michelin awards: Hotel Jožef (Bib Gourmand) and Kendov Dvorec (Michelin plate).

The list of all restaurants is available at: https://www.visit-idrija.si/en/plan-your-stay/restaurants/      

Explore the wide range of available accommodation – from apartments, inns, and the youth hostel in the city center, to agritourism farms in Idrija's surroundings. For a more prestigious experience of Idrija, book a room at the high-end Hotel Jožef or let yourself be enchanted by the magic of Kendov Dvorec! If you are traveling by mobile home, you can take a stop at the Camperstop Inzaghi above the Idrija Bus Station.

The list of all accommodation options is available at: 


In the city center (Prelovčeva 5) you can find the Idrija Tourist Information Center, where you can get all the information on Idrija and its surroundings. There you can also take a tour of an interesting exhibit titled "Written in the Rocks" – a great starting point for exploring the Idrija Geopark – and choose a locally made souvenir to take home.


Idrija is the centre of lacemaking for Idrija lace, so you can buy lace in a number of different locations. Aside from the store at the Idrija Tourist Information Center and the Idrija Lace School, you can also browse the products of local lacemakers:


The Idrija Geopark is comprised of the entire area of Idrija. To get the feel of what the geopark is and what interesting activities you can take part in while visiting, we recommend you visit the Idrija Geopark Visitors' Center and see the Written in the Rocks exhibition, where you can find out what the Geopark has to offer and discover all the hidden corners of Idrija you never knew existed.

Yes. We offer an overview map of hiking and cycling trails in the Idrija Tourist Information Center. The map is also available with certain other providers. We also offer brochures of different areas along with detailed maps. If you prefer digital versions, you can find them at:


Tickets can be bought on location. However, we recommend you buy a common ticket, which helps you save both time and money:

Idrija has no swimming pool, but there are several natural pools and bathing areas along the Idrijca and Belca rivers that are suitable for bathing during hot summer days. The most popular bathing site among the locals is the area of Lajšt in the Upper Idrijca Landscape Park: 


Most parking places in Idrija are still free-of-charge. In the center of Idrija, there is free parking above the Spar parking garage. Right next to the entrance to Anthony's Main Road is a parking zone where you can park free-of-charge for up to 2 hours. Outside the city center, there are two free parking zones: in front of the Idrija Hospital and in front of the TUŠ shopping center (located when entering Idrija from the direction of Ljubljana).

In the Upper Idrijca Landscape Park, there are parking restrictions. If you plan on visiting the Park between July and August, we recommend you take the free bus from the city center: