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DISCOVER the secrets of lacemaking

Enter the world of Idrija’s artisanal heritage and, with the help of a lacemaking teacher, make your own simple lace bracelet.

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Package description

Imagine the everyday life of women in Idrija. Their hands skilfully twisted and crossed the bobbins to create the prized and respected Idrija lace. At the Idrija Lace School, where many generations have been learning to make lace since 1876, we will show you how to make Idrija lace and present the lace products made by the children and young people who are learning to make lace there today. You will be able to see their first steps into the world of Idrija lace as well as their superb lace masterpieces. During the lacemaking course, you will make a simple bracelet and then head to Gewerkenegg Castle to see an exhibition on the art of making Idrija lace and the women who made it, which will take you through 300 years of lacemaking history right up to the present day.

Time frame: 1 day


PRICE CHILDREN:  85,00 EUR (do 15 let)


TIP: Lunch at Škafar restaurant and a walk through town with the TurfHUNT app.

Package includes

  • 90-minute lacemaking experience at the Idrija Lace School and the final product
  • Tour of the exhibition Idrija Lace, History Written in Thread at the Gewerkenegg
  • Tour of the exhibition of Idrija lace made by children and youth in the Idrija Lace School


/ 85 € / 89 € Total
DISCOVER the secrets of lacemaking Children (up to 15 years) / 85 €
Adults / 0 €
Total 0

Validity and activation

You can activate your ticket within one year of purchase. You activate your ticket by using it for the first time, i.e. visiting one of the included sights or activities. Once activated, the ticket is valid for one month.

When the period of validity (one month) is over, the ticked will have expired although not every sight has been visited.

The bobbin lace workshop requires prior notification via at least one business day before the workshop date. The workshop is held on Mondays and Fridays at 9 o’clock (except on the Monday after the Idrija Lace Festival or on Mondays or Fridays that fall on a national holiday).

You can visit the exhibitions during their opening hours. Please follow the links to find the opening hours:

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