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Idrija lace

Be amazed at the delicately interwoven threads of the hand-made Idrija lace!

Idrija has always been recognized as an important centre of lacemaking knowledge that spread the craft of designing and making lace art into the world. Alongside the traditional know-how, new approaches and innovative products are developed in Idrija that are moving lace into the contemporary fashion currents and art crafts. The “Idrija Lace” geographical indication guaranteed the quality of the bobbin lace produced in a specific area, while the skill of lacemaking was attributed universal value with its inscription on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity as “Bobbin Lacemaking in Slovenia”.

Idrija Lace School

Visit the oldest still active lacemaking school in the world!

Active without interruption since 1876, the Idrija Lace School guarantees that new and new generations will learn the knowledge and the know-how of the handmade Idrija lace. By respecting the tradition, lace in Idrija will use youthful approaches to develop further. Yet the Idrija Lace School is more than just an educational institute: on its premises, you can see the exhibition of the handmade Idrija lace done by its students, try out lacemaking for yourselves, buy quality products with Idrija lace and the equipment to make them, or apply for the annual lacemaking competition. 

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Idrija Municipal Museum

Enter the treasury of Idrija lace!

The Gewerkenegg Castle hosts an exhibition Idrija Lace – A History Written in Thread that puts Idrija lace into a wider geographical and historical context, taking the visitor from the very beginnings of lacemaking in these parts to the most contemporary methods of applying this bobbin masterpiece. You will even be welcomed by a metal lace, while you will be able to rest your eyes on almost endless intertwinements of the most famous lace of them all, Jovanka’s tablecloth. More


Stores and studios with Idrija lace

The lively tradition of selling Idrija lace!

Numerous stores and studios enable the visitors an authentic and direct contact with the lively activity of handmade bobbin lace being born, either with traditional techniques or with innovative contemporary approaches. Take a stroll through small stores in the town centre, chat with their enthusiastic owners and take home your own piece of refined lase decoration. 



Traditional and contemporary lace or lace paraphrased

An exciting intertwinement of tradition and contemporaneity!

Not only flaxen or cotton thread in shades of white, but also metallic threads in golden and silver colours, additions of other material and daring forms: this is the rich palette of contemporary Idrija lace. Idrija lace that is still embellishing the decoration of Idrija homes is nowadays held in high regard in fashion as aesthetically designed jewellery or accessory, sewn delicately into garments or popular as a protocol gift.

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Idrija Lace Festival

Traditional forward-looking event!

With respect to the rich tradition of handmade bobbin lace, the Idrija Lace festival preserves their historical folklore but also encourages the innovation in the design and use of this bobbin masterpiece. During the Festival in June, Idrija transforms into a lively lace centre where knowledge on this refined skill is exchanged, experience passed onto new generations, and strong friendships are formed that connect people across the globe like thousands of invisible threads.

The 41st Idrija Lace Festival was also held due to loyal sponsors and donors >>


UNESCO mercury story

Let yourselves be charmed by the half-a-millennium-long history of Idrija mercury!

SidroEver since in 1490 the tub maker soaking his tub in a creek and found droplets of unusually heavy and unfamiliar shining matter, life in Idrija revolved around one thing only: mercury.

Idrija žlikrofi and cuisine

Enter the world of fine tastes!

Idrija cuisine is famous for gathering chosen, quality, and locally accessible ingredients to produce invaluable culinary pearls.

UNESCO global Geopark Idrija

Astonishing natural beauty waits to be discovered!

UNESCO Global Geopark Idrija extends on almost 300 km2 and encompasses some of the most recognizable monuments of natural and cultural heritage of Idrija region.

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