Feldban – Military Narrow-Gauge Railway

On the guided hike you will get to know the most interesting section of the feldban from Godovič to Idrija.

The story of feldban begins in WWI. In the 6th Battle of Isonzo, in August 1916, Italian army pushed the Austro-Hungarian one to the left bank of Isonzo River cutting its supply via the Bohinj Railway. As the remaining railways failed to provide sufficient supplies, they promoted the construction of new narrow-gauge railways – feldbans. 

Join us, every Saturday at 10:00, on an organized hike with the guides of the Historical Society of Rapallo Border, who will present the whole story.

Feldban – Military Narrow-Gauge Railway

Every Saturday at 10:00 in July, August and September, we invite you to a guided hike on the feldban with guides of the Historical Society of Rapallo Border, starting in Podroteja, where you can get there from the center of Idrija by bus.

Pre-registration is required until Thursday by 12:00 at:
T: 05 37 43 916

Price from 15.00 EUR  / person includes a guide, a map of hiking and biking trails in the UNESCO Global Geopark Idrija and a brochure of the trails. For an additional charge of 3.00 EU, there is also a refreshment for the trip - SELECTED SANDWICH with delicacies...



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