Green scheme of Slovenian tourism in Idrija

The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism is a certification programme that unites all efforts for a sustainable development of tourism in Slovenia under the SLOVENIA GREEN brand. It offers tools to destinations and service providers to assess and improve their sustainability endeavours. It also promotes all the green endeavours through the SLOVENIA GREEN brand. The managing organisation of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism is the Slovenian Tourist Board. It awards the Slovenia Green Destinatin platinum, gold, silver, and bronze labels.

The destination Idrija was awarded the Slovenia Green Destination Gold label in October 2022 with a very high sustainability level according to international GSTC standards.   


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Slovenia Green in Destination Idrija

The destination Idrija was awarded the Slovenia Green Destination Gold label in 2022 with a very high sustainability level according to international GSTC standards.  

The Vision of the Idrija Destination.

Idrija is a green and fine treasure of world heritage with universal impact, which can combine the traditions of older generations with contemporary creativity vibes. In the town visitors expand their knowledge and in the vicinity they actively enjoy the peace and quiet of the attractive and picturesque, but most of all pristine natural environment.

Destination management

Idrija Tourist Board manages tourism activities in the region of Idrija and is the coordinator of the Slovenia Green programme at the destination. The main goals of the organisation are to create high-quality, all-inclusive tourism offer, as well as to encourage sustainable, environmentally-friendly development of the destination.

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Achievements on sustainability

The natural environment and the landscape 

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Cultural heritage

Destination Idrija holds three UNESCO designations:

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Social climate 

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Tourism companies

Environmental tips for providers and visitors:

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Hotel Jožef, located right in the centre of Idrija is especially devoted to sustainability and has been awarded with two Slovenia Green labels for their green effort: Slovenia Green Accommodation and Slovenia Green Cuisine. It is also the holder of The Green Key eco-label.



In cooperation with our providers destination Idrija has developed a sustainable collective trademark Idrija Selected.

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