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Idrija žlikrofi and cuisine

Enter the world of fine tastes!

Idrija cuisine is famous for gathering chosen, quality, and locally accessible ingredients to produce invaluable culinary pearls. The most recognizable are the Idrija žlikrofi with the food designation of Traditional Specialtiy Guaranteed. Each traditional Idrija feast will undoubtedly also feature smukavc and ocvirkovca. Try the invigorating prfarski štruklji and the zeljševka chive roulade, accompanied with a sip of geruš, and you are bound to enjoy the exploration of the rich world of Idrija tastes.

Idrija žlikrofi

Taste the mysterious festive miners’ dish!

Idrija žlikrofi is a type of pasta filled with spiced balls made of cooked potato, sautéed onions and lard. In Idrija, they have undoubtedly been made for at least 150 years, but it is not certain whether their shape tries to resemble the Napoleon’s hat or whether they have come to these parts from the Alpine region. Be that as is may, with bakalca (the traditional mutton sauce), roast or porcini mushrooms, Idrija žlikrofi today represent the staple in the restaurant offer of our oldest mining town.




Zeljševka, ocvirkovca, štruklji and smukavc

Experience local dishes inspired by tradition!

In the past, the daily menu of miners’ families was composed of the dishes made of chosen ingredients grown on the home garden. Smukavc – cabbage soup with potato – is perfectly accompanied by the savoury cracknel roulade ocvirkovca. A popular pick-me-up are the juicy prfarski štruklji – cottage cheese rolled dumplings. Finish off your culinary experience inspired with centuries of tradition with a unique desert, the sweet and savoury chives roulade zeljševka.




An invigorating sip as an introduction into Idrija feast!

Geruš was once a strong alcoholic drink that the miners prepared by mixing wormwood infusion with pure alcohol. With the miners, the bitter drink soon became a popular method of alleviating daily troubles. Nowadays, the wormwood spirit with a touch of herbs is a popular gift and a sip of geruš as aperitif goes well with other Idrija delicacies.



Idrija Žlikrof Festival

Explore the hundred-year-old story of Idrija žlikrof from tradition to modernity - 24. August 2024!

The Idrija Žlikrof Festival is an outstanding culinary experience that presents this traditional Idrija dish in a contemporary light. Each year, the penultimate Saturday of August is reserved for the presentation of certified Idrija žlikrofi makers, for the tasting of innovative sauces by local chefs, for the competition of hunting clubs in the preparation of game-based bakalca, and for relaxed socialising in the company of high-quality wineries and microbreweries. 


UNESCO mercury story

Let yourselves be charmed by the half-a-millennium-long history of Idrija mercury!

SidroEver since in 1490 the tub maker soaking his tub in a creek and found droplets of unusually heavy and unfamiliar shining matter, life in Idrija revolved around one thing only: mercury.

Idrija lace

Be amazed at the delicately interwoven threads of the hand-made Idrija lace!

Idrija has always been recognized as an important centre of lacemaking knowledge that spread the craft of designing and making lace art into the world.

UNESCO global Geopark Idrija

Astonishing natural beauty waits to be discovered!

UNESCO Global Geopark Idrija extends on almost 300 km2 and encompasses some of the most recognizable monuments of natural and cultural heritage of Idrija region.

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