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Galerija idrijske čipke Irma Vončina

Mestni trg 17, 5280 Idrija

Tel.: 031 314 558


Irma Vončina Gallery has been designing and making exclusive curtains, tablecloths, business and wedding presents and souvenirs with Idrija bobbin lace since 1995. It invites you to see how Idrija lace is being made and buy uniquely designed products and souvenirs featuring Idrija lace.

Idrija Lace School

Prelovčeva ulica 2, 5280 Idrija

Tel.: 05 907 53 14


The Idrija Lace School helps preserve the heritage of hand-made Idrija bobbin lace inscribed in the UNESCO representative list of intangible cultural heritage. The school is proud of its exhibition of contemporary Idrija lace; you are welcome to see how lace is made and buy quality products with Idrija lace. By prior arrangement, the most curious of you are invited to join a lacemaking workshop.

Modni atelje Lidija, Lidija Anzelm s.p.

Prelovčeva ulica 9, 5280 Idrija

Tel.: 041 708 457, 05 37 73 788


The charming store in the Gewerkenegg Castle courtyard hides a colourful world of hand-made Idrija bobbin lace, hand-made black lace accessories, and numerous other fashion items produced by Lidija Anzelm who will be happy to share her love of art with you and show you how lace is made.

Studio Koder

Mestni trg 16, 5280 Idrija

Tel.: 05 37 22 303


The Studio Koder family company makes aesthetically perfected hand-made Idrija bobbin lace. While their gallery at the main town square (Mestni trg) offers a wide array of bobbin lace and lace products for sale, they can also arrange a design of unique products following your desires.

Vanda Lapajne

Mestni trg 13, 5280 Idrija

Tel.: 041 631 233


The Vanda Lapajne store offers a wide collection of boutique products with hand-made bobbin lace and fashion accessories such as different jewellery and scarves. They are designed and produced with love and in the spirit of family tradition that began long ago, in 1875.

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