Feldban - remains of the narrow-gauge railway (Feldbahn)

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Feldban - remains of the narrow-gauge railway (Feldbahn)

NOTIFICATION: Due to the fallen trees on the way along the Feldban, guided hikes will not take place until further notice! We also advise against independent hikes!

The story of feldban begins in World War I. In August 1916, the Italian Army pushed the Austro-Hungarian Army to the left bank of the Soča (Isonzo) river, cutting its supply route via the Bohinj Railway. As the remaining railways failed to provide sufficient supplies, they promoted the construction of new sections of narrow-gauge railway – feldban (Feldbahn). They connected the battlefield with the railway station at Logatec. From here, the feldban ran along the road to Godovič and then towards Črni Vrh and Lokve, the second part branched off towards Idrija.

On the guided hike you will get to know the section from Godovič to Idrija in the Strug gorge. Join us, every Saturday in July and August at 9.45 (bus stop at the football stadium) or at 10.15 (at the Wild Lake), on an organized hike with the guides of the Historical Society of Rapallo Border, who will present the whole story.

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Feldban is also a part of the Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic trail, which links over 300 monuments.