Taste local and selected

Want to taste the best of Idrija? In the Visitor Center, our starting point for wandering around Idrija, we can prepare for you a tasting of local delicacies that boast the "Idrija selected" certificate - habance, ocvirkovca, želševka, geruš, milk and meat products of local farmers, honey, teas and other traditional delicacies.

We accept groups of up to 25 people, and we prepare the offer according to your wishes.

For more information call or write:

T: +836 (0)5 37 43 916
E: tic@visit-idrija.si

TeachOUT - Fun For All

Explore Idrija and its surroundings in a modern, fun and educational way with the TeachOUT application.

With TeachOUT application you can discover:

  • Idrija - The story of five hundred year old mercury spring. 
  • Along Rake - the trail of Idrija´s Natural Scientists.
  • Karst forest learning trail

The TeachOUT app is available in the Google Play and iStore online stores and is free. It can be used by anyone on their smart mobile device (mobile phone or tablet). The mobile device will guide you from point to point with GPS, where you will solve individual tasks and challenges and explore and discover the special features of Geopark Idrija. Once you have solved all the tasks and challenges at the point, the application will give you instructions on how to get to the next point.

Zjalca's story


An adventure for children and families, with an interactively designed exhibition that answers questions with video presentations, animations and models:

  • How was Earth formed?
  • Why is the road to Idrija so winding?
  • Where are the dinosaur footprints located and how did they end up there?
  • Where we can find the most beautiful views of Idrija?
  • Why is Wild Lake Wild?
  • Why are there so many tunnels under Idrija?
  • Which rock can I draw with and which one can I find in jewelry?

The exhibition can be found at the Visitor Center at Prelovčeva 5 in Idrija, and is open every day between 09:00 and 17:00.




E-Bike Wandering

Embark on a journey from the city center to the Idrija countryside with a light pedal turn!

"E-KOLOško KOLOvratenje" is a project with which the Hostel Idrija wants to bring the Idrija countryside, spread over the surrounding hills, closer to the visitors of Idrija in an ecologically responsible and sustainable way. Eight brand new Scott SubActive E-Ride electric bikes with a powerful Bosch motor and a durable battery will allow you first hand to get to know the cultural, technical and natural features of the UNESCO Global Geopark and thus enrich you for a unique experience of truly diverse Idrija countryside.

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Written in the rocks


The exhibition "Written in the rocks" is an excellent starting point for a trip around Idrija. You can see it on your own or with interpreter guides who will take you on an interesting, interactive journey into the geological past.

With animations and video presentations and models you will get to know the story of Idrija's origin and get acquainted with our rich natural, cultural and technical heritage.

The exhibition is open every day between 09:00 and 17:00 and is located in the Visitor Center at Prelovčeva 5 in Idrija.

T: +386 (0)5 37 43 916
E: tic@visit-idrija.si


The Grass Carpet for the Peace Seekers

Lara Lapajne Golob true lover nature is developing her life and business story in places 1000 meters above sea level. With traditional manual procedures from her grandmothers and great-grandmothers, she extracts beneficial "essences" from herbs and transforms them into herbal preparations and products under the House of Herbs brand.

Experience "The Grass Carpet For The Peace Seekers" is the recipient of the certificate "Idrija selected". In the Land of Adventures Log Lara prepares unique experiences for guests for a relaxing or actively spent day in the embrace of nature.

For more information call or write:

T: +836 (0)5 37 43 916 
E: tic@visit-idrija.si


The Vila Sibila Garden

In the land of adventures Log high among the mountains, where wide fields touch the sky and the sun caresses the grassy plants, lives a young nature lover named Vila Sibila.

The Vila Sibila Garden is hidden and away from the hustle and bustle of big cities and noisy roads. It hides in a corner of a mighty estate on a small hill between dense trees and low bushes. A narrow path leads to it. When you see it, you are first taken by the scent and beauty of colorful medicinal and other flowering plants. In the middle of the garden stands the home of Villa Sibila.

Would you like to visit it too?

For more information call or write:

T: +836 (0)5 37 43 916 
E: tic@visit-idrija.si


Tea party in the embrace of herbs

Welcome to the land of herbs.

Sit down for a tea party, where we will introduce you with the flavors of selected herbal teas and other herb specialties. You will get to know different combinations of herbs and interesting flavors that can heal our body or soul.

We are wellcome you with your friends, family members or co-workers to spend social moments chatting in beautiful nature. Forget about everyday stress, worries, tasks and goals. Indulge in the moments and the people around you. Start appreciating your happiness and what you already have.

The Tea Party experience in the embrace of herbs is the recipient of the "Idrija selected" certificate.

The Culinary Walk - The Frudl špancir

Frudl špancir is an experience of the culture of Idrija miners and women through heritage and culinary walk.

On a 2.5 km long culinary trip, visitors stop at five stations, each of which reveals the richness of local cuisine and adds its own piece to the mosaic of diverse tastes of Idrija's mining past. All food and drink has in common the use of quality, locally grown ingredients.

And what is frudl? The answer lies in the walk. You're welcome.

Experience Frudl špancir is the recipient of the "Idrija selected" certificate.

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