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Postanek v gozdu

30. maj. 2023 / 16:00
Zadlog - Zadlog 7a
Vabljeni na doživetje v gozdu z Mikaelo.

Vabljeni, da se nam skupaj z otroki pridružite na aktivnem potepu po gozdovih Zadloga. Dogodek bo voden v angleškem jeziku. 

Wander in Zadlog’s forests with Mikaela Toczek, slow down, listen and experience nature through a series of guided forest activities suitable for all ages. Through hanging hammocks, brewing foraged tea and making creative keepsakes inspired by our surroundings, we will reset and focus on how simple time spent in the beautiful forests of Idrija Geopark can impact our wellbeing. Our journey will start with a short walk through the forest, carefully observing our surroundings and taking time to appreciate the details. The walk is easy and we will be moving slowly but the terrain is often uneven and at times we will be journeying off the path. Once we arrive at our Pavza we will enjoy some simple activities together, resting and creating before we leave the forest, walking along the edge of the village back to our start point. This activity is ideal for children but they must be accompanied by a participating adult.